Q-topia came about as a combination of several groups and some wonderful motivated people around 1995 but did not become Q-topia until 2001. The group started life as a combination of a group called GLEE (Gay, Lesbian, Everywhere in Education) and a youth group called Outthere, at the same time research was starting into LGB students in schools. This culminated in the recognition of a need for a strong independent youth facilitated support network. The group started to take shape in the late 90’s, meeting at Youth Health on Hereford St.

By 2001 the structure was taking shape and facilitators (university students) came on board, by 2002 had become an Incorporated Society with a board and constitution and started being run out of the NZAF. Between 2002-2005 Q-topia declined in numbers and eventually stopped meeting, a drive for new facilitators and new premises saw the rebirth of Q-topia. Initially it was only facilitators meeting and training but steadily the group built-up support and numbers, until 2009 when with a membership of around 30 and strong board, Q-topia was in a position to hire its first paid worker and support the development of a transgender group (FORGE).

2010 saw further growth within Q-topia, membership and facilitator numbers significantly increased along with the community profile. Q-tiopa and Forge are now working closely building a respected and trusted name, providing for the needs of the queer community.