Move with Hazel: Movements for your Netflix party

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my studio. Today we’re gonna be doing some movements for your Netflix party. So believe it or not we can get a lot of movement in our bodies while we’re just sitting down watching TV, and that is by sitting in a huge variety of ways. 

One of the things we know about somebody’s longevity is that their ability to get up and down off the floor – so you notice I just got down, didn’t use my hands, just got back up – I’m gonna live a really long time, I’ve got a really good score for that. So if you think that’s gonna be easy – try that – if it’s not so easy this is gonna help you get better at those things. 

So the first thing we’re gonna do is a V sit! So you can do a V sit sitting up on something like a chair – this is it! We did this actually in the first video and turned our cores off – so today I’m gonna lower it down a little bit closer to the floor. So you might just wanna grab some cushions, I’m gonna grab a block of wood that I’ve got here, and then I just sit on the floor, put my legs out to the side, I can rub in here – that’s really good for helping me get some lymph drainage which is really important for our immune function. And you just sit here like this!

Then, from here, how easy is it for me to get up? So, I’m getting up, I’m going to the bathroom or I’m getting up to go and get a cup of tea, whatever it is, I come back down, and I get back into this position. So this is a V sit, you don’t always have to sit like this, you might sit like this way watching TV, you might sit like this – these are all just different positions for your body to be in. And we’re opening up spaces that you don’t normally have open, which is gonna help with your lymph drainage, which is great for your immune system. 

Another way we can sit is on our knees, like this. Kids do this one a lot! If you find yourself uncomfortable, what you can do is you can get a blanket, and then you can just put it here. And that will lift you up into a position that is more comfortable for you. So here’s another way you can sit and watch TV and get different loads and different movements into your body.

Then you can turn this one into a get up – so you can also sit like this, like this – believe it or not, this is an exercise that I give some of my clients who need more movement in their hips or whatnot. And you can also turn this into a get up – so can you get up easily? Which leg do you put out to stand up on? Do you have to use your hands to push you up or can you do it without? Just some things to think about while you’re sitting there watching TV!

The other thing is a side sit, so this is just with your legs out in the front here, you’re just gonna take your feet to the side. So now you see I’m in a side sit position, it’s a different load for this hip. I can then take my feet over to the other side, again, different load for this hip. And then I can turn this into a get up! So can I come up on my knees? Do I need to use my hands? How can I come up from the ground in that position? This is an exercise I give some of my clients as well – over to this side, come up; over to this side, come up! Over to this side – you get the idea!

So we’ve got the V sit, the kneeling sit and variations of that, the side sit – this one, this one – and then we’ve got to turn all of those into get ups. How can you get up? Is it easy for you? Is it hard for you? Let’s use the next month to make getting up and down off the floor something that’s super super easy for us to do.

And if something’s difficult, what you wanna do is bolster yourself up. So if you can’t do, say, the side sit on the floor, can you do it with some cushions under your bum? It’ll lift you up, it’ll make it easier for you to have your pelvis in a neutral position which just means that you’re not really tucked under like this in a massive C shape with your back.
Bolster yourself, have some fun with those ideas! You can get in touch with me at and I’d be super happy to help you with any questions. Please keep in touch, have a great day, see you soon.