Move with Hazel: Movements You Can Brush Your Teeth To

Welcome back, everybody! I’m Hazel. Thanks for joining me for our fourth session – today we’re going to be doing movements that you can brush your teeth to!

So the first one we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna simply stand on one leg. So it looks like this! Many of us, when we stand on one leg, don’t actually have much strength in this lateral hip, here. So we end up doing this – we end up kind of hanging, we’re bending this leg, so I really want you to make sure when we’re standing on one leg that both legs are straight. If this non-standing leg is straight, it means that I’m not hanging on my ligaments in my hip, I’m actually using my muscle to keep myself up, which is really, really key to help us walk really, really well.

And as you age you really wanna have strong lateral hip strength! If you start doing these movements over our wonderful isolation period, and then keep doing them for the rest of your life, when you get to 60, 70, 80, 90 you are going to have really strong lateral hips just from doing a little bit of movement while you’re brushing your teeth.

So there’s standing on one leg – of course, we’re gonna do it on the other leg as well, and you’re gonna be brushing your teeth! When you’re standing on your other leg, I highly suggest that you brush your teeth with your opposite hand. You’ll feel like this is a very new skill to start with, but as you practice more you’ll get better and better at it, and it’s really good for your brain!

So have fun standing on one leg with both legs straight – don’t do this, don’t bend one leg. When you are there, check to make sure that you’re not doing this as well – that you’re not pushing your pelvis forward. You want your weight to be kind of in your heels, so you’re standing up nice and straight, not with a big thrust in your pelvis – which many of you will do! So have a look at yourself in the mirror to check out if you’re doing that or not.

The second movement you’re gonna do while brushing your teeth is a simple knee bend. So it’s like a mini squat – I don’t want you to go down too far, I just want you to make sure that your knees kind of track straight above your feet – you don’t want them to be collapsing in like that, don’t do that. Just make sure they’re kind of going out over your toes. It’s just a nice little knee bend! 

And you’ll notice here that there’s not much movement happening in my back, it’s all happening at my hip and my knees. It’s a nice little knee bend, and you can do 20 or 30 of those when you’re brushing your teeth.

The key also about doing this is when you do some movements when you’re brushing your teeth, you end up brushing your teeth for longer, which is kind of cool!

The third exercise we’re gonna do is calf elevators. So for this one, if you can, it’s really good to stand with your heels against the wall. And then just, all you’re gonna do is lift yourself up on your toes. So the key here is that you’re just gonna wanna make sure that you’re not collapsing your feet in like that, you just want your ankles to be coming straight up and down. And I’m kind of leaning on the wall a bit, cos that keeps me straight up and down. If I come out here I might be kind of going forward that way, and many of you will kind of thrust your hips and do this kind of thing, which is not what we want.

So if we do it with our bum and our backs against the wall, then we will get a better aligned load going in our body, which is what we’re after. So that’s calf elevators, have fun with that one! 

The last one we’re gonna do is – I’m gonna come a bit closer to the camera and show you this one – is a shoulder stretch. So you’re gonna take one hand, and you’re gonna put it behind your back. So you see there I’ve got my shoulder – my shoulder is down, I’m not doing that. And then, when you’ve got your hand in a comfortable position, you’ve just gotta turn it over. So you might only be able to do that there, there – keep your elbow in by your side as much as you can, and just see if you can turn your hand over! While brushing your teeth with your other hand!

This is also a real awesome opportunity for you to brush your teeth with your other hand, which is great for the development of your brain and whatnot!

So I hope you’re having a lot of fun in isolation, I hope you’re learning a lot, I also hope you’re getting out – staying away from people but getting out and going walking, I think that’s gonna be key for our sanity, is being able to go outside and move. Even if you don’t feel safe moving off your property, move, move up and down your hallway, up and down the driveway, whatever you feel safe doing. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me, have fun brushing your teeth tonight, tomorrow, the next day, and make this just a part of what you do when you brush your teeth! And you’ll be getting a little more movement in your day, without having to do anything else! You’re just brushing your teeth, right? Win! Awesome, have a wonderful day!