Move with Hazel: Bigger Movements

Hi everybody and welcome back to session five – which is bigger movements! I’m Hazel – so far we’ve been working on getting better at alignments, and now we’re just gonna let off some steam and do some bigger movements.

So the first one we’re gonna do is a chair squat – all you’re gonna need is a chair. So you’re gonna sit yourself on the chair and you’re gonna take your legs so that they’re directly under your knees here. You can do this like this, with your feet back, but if you do it like this you’ll use more of your quad muscles – these muscles in the front. But if you put your feet further away from the chair, you’ll use more of your glutes and hamstring, which tend to be the weaker parts of our body relative to our quads. Most of us are quad dominant!

We’re gonna do 20 chair squats! Let’s go!

When you’re doing this you really wanna make sure that when you’re on your way back down, you’re not falling down into the chair. So if somebody unbeknownst to you took the chair away, you’re in such control of your movement that you wouldn’t fall backwards. And no, that’s not an invitation to steal somebody’s chair from behind them! 

So, I have no idea how many we’ve done, but we’re gonna do four movements, and I recommend you do them in a series, so you do this one then the next one, which is the lunge, which you’ve probably done before.

So the key with the lunge is you start with this [points at knee on ground] at 90 degrees, and this joint [points at other knee] at 90 degrees, and then you come up and down, and up and down. You’re gonna do 10 of this side, and then we’ll switch to the other side.

So, like I said, do some of the chair squats, some of these, then we’re gonna do some crawling, and then we’re gonna do some swings. And I’d recommend you do them, like you could do it once through, twice through, you could do it three times through, four times – whatever you wanted. But it’s really important to make sure that you’re doing the movements well, so think about the alignment points that I’ve pointed out. Yeah! Get some big moves in!

Okay! So the next thing we’re gonna do is some crawling. WIth this, just to start with, I’ll show you a couple of things about my hands – my hands are flat on the ground and my elbow pits are facing forward. I’m not in this position, right [elbows out], I’m in this position [elbows in]. So then, from the side, what I’m gonna do for crawling is get my arms in that position, and then I’m gonna take opposites – so opposite arm [moves arm and leg forward] and opposite knee, and just crawl forward. And I can crawl back. And then we can do this up and down the hallway.

If you’ve got a crawler in your house currently, they’ll be your best teacher! Just watch them! So this is what we call the knee-hand crawl, but you can get up onto the feet too if you find that one a bit too easy. So this is the foot-hand crawl, and you can do it forward and back.

And again, you can do that as many times as you want and then put it into a wee circuit.

The last one we’re gonna do today is called swings. You’re just gonna grab something – anything – doesn’t have to be super heavy, that’s got a handle that’s really great. And we’re just gonna do kind of a squat or deadlift pattern. 

So I’m gonna hold this cushion – you can hold it like this, it’s got a handle here so I’m gonna hold the handle. And all I’m gonna do is place it between my legs, and then I’m gonna push up and swing it up the front. So I’m keeping my knees kind of over my feet, pushing my bum out the back, and just swinging this cushion – it’s my meditation cushion – swinging it between my legs. You can get a bag, a shopping bag, you can get a strong material bag and put a can of pineapple in it and you’ll have something that you can swing.

And you can do as many of those as you like, then go back and do the chair squats, the lunges, the crawling, and back to more swings. 

I hope you have fun doing some of the bigger moves today! And I hope you’re having a great time wherever you are! Talk to you soon.