Move with Hazel: Sweaty Movements!

Welcome back, everyone! Thanks for joining me again! This will be our last session together – if you want to find out more check out – I just recently put a whole lot of videos on YouTube also, they’re called Coffee and Move, but if you google Hazel and Mind in Movement they’ll come up. So there’s heaps more videos there, lots of ideas to play with!

But today, we’re gonna get a little bit sweaty! Cos a lot of the stuff we’ve been doing is pretty low key, focusing on our alignment – which is really, really important and you should absolutely start with that stuff when you’re starting or transitioning wisely to a new movement routine. In saying that, a few of these movements may be too much for you to do – or not! So just be careful.

The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna skip! I’m gonna skip round in a circle. This roof’s pretty low in here, so I’m not taking massive, massive skips – but you can, if you’ve got lots of space! You can do this outside if you want to – absolutely. So you’re gonna skip round and round for a couple of minutes, and then you’re gonna do some jumps!

So I’ve got something on the floor here that I’m gonna jump over – and this is how you jump! You see how I am swinging my arms back, and then I jump, and then I wash off the speed by taking my arms forward. 

Just jumping over something, it’s pretty much very similar to the squat pattern, which is a fun thing to do, right?

The next thing you’re gonna do is go out the door and sprint up and down your driveway! I’m going to pretend to be sprinting inside! I’m going to be safe and not do anything super silly inside! But yeah – a little bit of sprinting, if you’ve got a skipping rope you could do some skipping – even if you don’t have a skipping rope, you can do what I’m doing right now! It’s fun, right?! You can do kicks!

The last thing we’re gonna do here is some squats – so we’ve done chair squats before, this time we’re just gonna stick our butt back and as low as we can and then come back up. You can go all the way down and do that – but if you can’t, just come down as far as you feel comfortable!

So from the front it looks something like this. You can do whatever you want with your hands! Yeah! Just keep your arms moving as well.

And then you go back to skipping! Once you’ve done some skipping, you’ll go back to doing some jumping. Once you’ve done some jumping, you’re gonna go do some sprinting outside, then you’re gonna come back in and do some squats. 

It’s been my absolute pleasure to hang out with you all over this time! If you want any help with any movement please get in touch with me – I’d love to hear from you!