Corporate Sponsorship

Looking to give back?

Showing support for your local rainbow community is simple and fun.

Why become a sponsor?

Qtopia is a non-profit organisation, we do not receive any government funding. 

With your support we are able to continue to run our weekly youth groups, providing a safe space where rainbow young people can celebrate who they are and connect with others. 

Funding also helps us to cover the costs of delivering our  Diversity and Inclusion workshops to schools, health and social services, and the wider community.

You can help us achieve our goal of building an inclusive Aotearoa.

How will my sponsorship be recognised?

There are many ways we would like to show our thanks. Below are some of our most popular options. Lets chat!

Sponsorship Certificate
Free education workshop
Email Signature badge
Logo display on our site

If you'd like to support Qtopia, fill out the form to get in touch!