Education Programme

Qtopia builds inclusive environments and creates safe spaces where diversity is celebrated.

The main areas covered are: 

1. Culture

How supportive and safe is your work place culture? What changes do you see as valuable for your organisation, physical environment, policy and staff/student attitudes?

2. Professional Development

Our education programme can be tailored to meet your professional development requirements. We have experience working alongside a broad range of professions including health, social and education services.

3. Student Education

This is achieved by working alongside teachers with the aim that teachers will be able to take-over the provision of the education programme long term.

Celebrating Diversity

Qtopia builds inclusive environments and creates safe spaces where diversity is celebrated.

We want an Aotearoa where all young people can reach their potential regardless of their sexuality and/or gender identity.

Our overall goal is to improve the outcomes of our diverse young people, who are over-represented in negative health and well-being statistics.

Qtopia is the Canterbury provider of the InsideOut education programme

What we provide

We provide diversity education and culture development to schools, organisations, whānau and the wider community to ensure environments are safe and accessible for diverse people (especially young people).

The support we offer has a variety of approaches and is adapted to suit the organisation we are working with. The main areas covered are culture, professional development and student education.

 About the programme

The education programme was developed by the Ministry of Social Development in 2015 and is Ministry of Education approved. The programme sits within the education curriculum (sexuality guidelines 2015), supporting and building on health education.


To enquire about our education and professional development services please contact our Educator Ari Nicholson or phone 027 932 5396.